Thursday, December 25, 2003

2003 Retrospective Giving Analysis

Eeuters 2003 Christmas Assessment:

All things considered, 2003 was a good year. It was, however, somewhat eclipsed by the excessive shotgun-giving of the 2002 gift season and was tragically marred by a distinct lack of oblong gift boxes lurking underneath my sector of the donative tree. For the most part the gifts received in 2002 were durable and well-thought out (the notable exception being the sling for my .300Mag which broke 20 feet up a tree and resulted in my $2,000 rifle plunging 20 feet to spear itself, barrel-first, into the earthy loam beneath my stand). Perhaps a little more attention to detail and quality of items selected might be in order. Gifts as a percentage of total family income is currently under study and will appear in my 2006 assessment. I would expect something on the order of 5-8%, but don't let that slow you down.