Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Figured I'd check in. It's been awhile since I've posted anything here and I can't help but point out that: nobody cared! BAH!  Am I an unappreciated genius or am I appreciated for being the not-genius that I am?  If I understand how the process works - I have to die to find out, so it looks like I'm not going to know anything real' soon. Either way: all of you out there not reading this are absolutely not invited to my birthday party this year (unless you bring a gift).

Just to feed you a little update - things are a smidge different around the DudeRanch than in years past.  I get "Cooking Light" in the mail now with my fishing magazines and I've recently learned that there is a place for the hairdryer thats not on the bathroom counter.  I put the hairdryer "up" pretty often, but I throw away "Cooking Light" whenever I can manage to intercept it.  So far its arrival has portended of nothing good in the culinary department. And by "nothing good" I mean "Tofu."

Why do you need Tofu if you've got eggwhites handy? Isn't it pretty much the same thing?

Tyler walked past 45lbs of perfectly good frozen deer meat the other day, dove into the freezer and came out with a package of pre-made tofu burgers. I thought my head was going to spin around and pop off. 

Unfortunately, it didn't. And I ate the horrible tofu puck, but it nearly sent me to my Aunt Sherry's house out of sheer desperation for a buttery, meaty treat.

In Tyler's health-conscious defense - I do like the fake veggie protein sausage patty things we eat now instead of delicious pork sausage. I don't know whats in there, but they're pretty good wrapped in bacon.