Monday, June 30, 2014

Fishing Together!

As I mentioned before, I've been fishing in tournaments with my Uncle Buster. Not with him exactly - more like around him, or in his orbit, or generally nearby.  Basically, we attend the same tournaments and he is generally kind and helpful and tolerates my presence and woeful ignorance until it is time to go home, then he goes home. It's like that.

Actually, imagine a situation wherein you are confronted with the presence of a much younger, less advanced, perhaps "developmentally challenged" child of another ethnicity or nationality who is also a relative and also refuses to leave you alone. Our "fishing together" is maybe more like that.

Just so I am perfectly clear - imagine the child described above has always been around and probably will never leave and eventually you resign yourself to the idea that at nearly any point you may turn around and there he is - grinning and waving and thrilled to see you and hungry and needing help and lost and hallucinating and bleeding profusely on your best rug.

We've been having a blast!