Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I’m about to head down to the DMV. So, basically there is no telling when (or IF) you’ll ever see me again. However, should I return; I’m almost certain there’s going to be a story.

I also have a few other stories as-yet untold. Such as: the Fishing with Tommy Statham story, and the Lake Hartwell Swampbass Bass Championships Team Jimmy & George Story – that’s a good one because it winds up with a half-eaten Little Debbie oatmeal cream pie (opened) somehow getting into my dryer.

As long as I’ve gone ahead and told you the end – let me just say that you WOULD NOT BELIEVE what a 2.5hr dryer cycle does to half an oatmeal cream pie and a load of clothes. I’m not lying - it took me two days to figure out what the brown patties of smeared gunk stuck to all my favorite shirts were – and then the only way I figured it out was to chip a bit off my favorite fishing shirt (“the shirt of broken dreams”) and taste it….So, let no man question my bravery.

And now that you know it exists: please STAY OUT of my oatmeal cream pie stash – the reason they’re hidden is because I don’t want YOU to eat them.


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