Friday, May 23, 2008

Artistic Expression

I think it was about ¾ through the process of painting the windows of Jeremy Gray’s white Chevrolet Equinox in preparation for his honeymoon getaway that it dawned on me: “this may not have been my best idea ever.”

It was late at night – nobody was even able to witness the magnificent result of our handiwork, and certainly no one saw Jeremy and Kelley cruising down the rural highway just outside Santa Rosa Beach that evening in his well-painted post-wedding car. It was too dark for that, and probably not many travelers on the road - so I’m sure he wasn’t even the tiniest bit embarrassed.

I doubt if anybody even saw it but me.

Unfortunately, somewhere in the midst of all the wedding festivities I lost both my sense of propriety AND all recollection of my promise to return Jeremy’s car to the Atlanta airport. And THAT, my friends, is how I came to find myself at noon on Sunday driving the length of I-85, quite alone, in a car decorated entirely in a collage of gigantic stylized penises.

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Kitty said...

Jimbo, May you never change. Your life results in much need laughter. Today at lunch, when I needed a lift, you were there. So I raise a toast to you, Jims - "Here's to Jimmy. May he forever entertain me with is lack of propriety, and may he never learn of the new invention called a CAR WASH!"
Dude, sometimes you scare me a little...