Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Brief Lesson in Supply and Demand

I’m vaguely disturbed at the current discrepancy between actual demanded volume of gasoline in the metro Atlanta area and actual gasoline supply.

I say “vaguely” disturbed because, to be honest with you I hadn’t noticed it until today. I filled up in Macon on Sunday, and I haven’t thought about it since. Gasoline BELONGS to be inside gas station pumps – its where gasoline lives. The thought that I might go to a gasoline store intending to buy gasoline – and find NO GASOLINE never even crossed my mind. When I need gasoline – I drive to the pump, stick a little plastic thingy in a slot, type in my zip code, pump the gasoline, then I drive off.

I don’t even have to PAY for anything.

What in the world could make it so that I can’t do that anymore? I ask you!!?!?!

I ask you because: I don’t know.

I don’t read the paper or watch the news. I rely on other people to tell me important things and I do that on purpose for two main reasons:
1. I hate the news, newspapers, weather, weather people, reporters, special reports, breaking news stories, stories, and people on tv, in general.
2. By not watching the news; when something big DOES happen - the first person to tell me about it gets a wonderfully satisfying response. I go “WHAT?!!” ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! And they feel satisfied all day long. It’s a little public service I provide. Have some news? Break it to ME – I promise I don’t already know.

When my work friends walked in yesterday complaining about not being able to find any gasoline I said “well, did you try the gas station?” Turns out: they had.

I ultimately have come to the following theoretical conclusion: someone ELSE bought up all the gas. They are sitting (right now) on a giant lake of my personal gasoline.

I want it back; and I want it at $0.79 per gallon.

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