Monday, January 25, 2010

What's The Big Deal

I dont understand what the big deal is about styrofoam. I got absolutely jumped on the other day for letting it be known that I had just stocked up with 3,000 16oz styrofoam cups FOR MY OWN USE, because they apparently "ruin the environment." I wasn't handing them out on a playground mind you - I got them just for ME.

I just don't see the big harm. Sure, they stick around for awhile, I'll grant you that; but are they really HURTING anything?

No, I dont think so.

If they grew poisonous spines and attacked elementary schools as soon as you threw them out - that would be one thing; but as far as I can tell they just lay in our landfills happily soaking up the sun. I can respect that.

The same person who accosted me so furiously over the matter drove home in an SUV drinking 14 mpg of our rapidly-depleting gasoline reserves, but I'm the bad guy?!? The only thing about styrofoam that I think everybody has such a hissy fit over is this: its an eyesore. its not HFCs, flourocarbons, or even (gasp) transfats - its aesthetics.

Fortunately, I've figured out a way to help the environment AND prevent landfill overuse: instead of throwing out my used cups - I just burn them.

I'm surprised everybody hasn't caught on to this simple solution yet.



Kristy said...

Jimmy- We, Both Brown and I, are strofoam fans. We also have 3K in sleeves of 25 around here. Brown has had several sleeves in the trunk of his car since we were dating 27 years ago. Not the same ones, of course. But he always has them there, just in case. Feeling politically ungreen- or incorrect or whatever you say- whichever the expression is these days- when you have common sense and live freely in a free country to apologize for that- I wash mine in the top of the dishwasher and use them over again. This works until they get 'soft' or get an odor of detergent. Most of the time, there is a logo on them advertising a business. For years, we drank out of mortuary styrofoam- then came the real estate styrofoam. Now, we have proud law firm styrofoam.

Maybe it is a Macon thing.

Kitty said...

Didn't they link that stuff to cancer? Have you ever gotten a lemonade fro Chickfila and noticed that the acid from the lemons begins to break down the cup? That cannot be good for you!