Thursday, September 09, 2010

One Stupid Thing I've Done Lately

I'm going to try to post a blog periodically entitled "One Stupid Thing I've Done Lately" and give you a solid glimps at how dangerous it is to be me, and how incredible it is that I'm alive.

Here's your first glimpse at the mindset behind One Stupid Thing I've Done Lately:

2:41AM: Boy it sucks trying to strip all the line off this fishing reel by hand. Plus, its 3AM and I want to go watch Eastbound and Down.

2:43AM: I wonder if I can just light this stuff on fire, then put it out real' quick before it burns the reel?

2:43:15AM: I better not do that.

2:44AM: If only I had a device that spins real' fast that I could tie the tag end of this line to, and just open the bail and strip all the line off! That would be the ticket.

2:44AM: (eyes scan room. see table saw): HEY! A TABLESAW! THATS A SPINNY THING!!

2:44:15AM: No I better not do that. I'm scared of the tablesaw already. The last thing I want to do is somehow tie something long and pointy to it and start it. Although, now that I've formulated that idea - I'm intrigued.

2:45AM: (still peeling line off reel). Boy does this SUCK. I wonder if Fred is up getting his gear together too?

2:46AM: (speaker phone dialing). Answering machine from Fred. Fred is asleep. No one in the world is up playing with fishing rods, except for me.

2:47AM: I wonder if Tyler is up. No, I already know she's been in bed since 7:59PM.

2:49AM: (eyes scan room. see power drill). I HAVE IT!!! I'll tie the tag end of this old fishing line to a wooden dowel and chuck it in my power drill, then put it on "high!"!!!

2:50AM: (drill spinning, line peeling off reel). I am a genius.

2:51AM: This is still taking a long time. I wonder if I can help it by snatching on the line a bit.

2:51:15AM: Help.

So, I managed to get my hand caught in the drill-end of the fishing line and before you could say skiddley-doo - I've got 10lb monofilament burying itself in my wrist skin until the drill stalls.

Boy did that hurt.

Then I had to to cut it out of my wrist skin with a rusty razor blade I found on my workbench - which also hurt. So, to recap: it hurt, then to fix it - it hurt more.

Then I went to bed.

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Anonymous said...

When I saw this picture, the first thing I thought was.... "He has Slocumb hands". Look at Buster's hands the next time you see him and compare this picture to his hands.