Friday, October 16, 2009

Who's Your Friend?

I was shocked and appalled to hear that some kind of healthcare thing passed its Senate committee last week.

What in the world is healthcare doing in the Senate? Was it a Senate resolution to set up a private hospital for senators? That would not shock me.

Was it a bill to mandate the addition of delicious grape flavor to wooden tongue depressors?

What, you don't know?


I don't have the slightest CLUE whats going on and I don't intend to find out because every time I investigate, it stresses me out. I'll leave it up to Tyler, my proxy on all things political.

I just can't keep track of those crafty buggers up there Senate-ing their little hearts out with their hospitals and their bills and their funny hairdos! Aren't they such little scalawags out playing with their Senate friends all day long and causing trouble!! I envision the Senate is something like a giant red-velvet-lined sandbox for old men.

I like my healthcare just fine - its great. Know why? Because I pay a lot of money for it so that when I go to the doctor or the pharmacy and don't have to pay any money -I feel like I'm getting something for free. Its the same principal that leads me to order things on the internet and set delivery dates for months down the road; that way I feel like somebody is sending me presents, and boy do I love presents!

Just last week I got a first edition Ruark novel from that I've wanted for years and I had no idea where it came from. Turns out - I sent it to me!

Apparently, I am my own best friend.

I guess the downside to the healthcare debate is that, no matter how I look at it, I'm basically just paying a lot for the privilege of getting sick. If I do get sick - at least for the moment I'm stocked up on reading material, and who knows what I"ll send myself next week!

I can't wait to find out.

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