Friday, February 24, 2006

The Reason for it All

Funny - the things that end up standing out in your mind as defining moments in life. I wish I could predict it, prepare, and appreciate it when it happens, but it rarely happens on the days you anticipate.

Weddings are big events I guess, but they don't usually move me unless they happen on a Saturday in October or November; in which case I'm moved to helpless fury that I have to sit in church in a tie when I could be hunting. Send me pictures, call me from Maui, save me one of the little baggies with birdseed in it, Lord save me - I'll even watch your ridiculous slideshow, but don't make me play dress-up on a Saturday in the Fall.

I don't go to funerals. Nobody has ever invited me to a bar-mitzvah.

I'm a huge fan of birthdays, but mostly for gift-related reasons. Christmas is another big red circle on my calendar - also gift related. I like Fathers Day, Mother's Day, the Fourth of July, Easter, and Labor Day - but none of these days may reliably be expected to provide a truly defining moment. They might. Then again they might not.

So, I'll tell you what really moved me this week: my taxidermist called me at work.

Put simply: I have a taxidermist, and he calls me at work.

I am officially an Outdoorsman.

So, to Jerry Mosely at Buckmaster Taxidermy all I can say is this: you complete me.

That is all.


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Seth said...

Yo Bud! I could only post a comment if I signed in as a I guess I'm a blogger now too. "You say this is your first time? Yes, but my father was a piano mover, so..."

I'm happy for you and your taxidermist. I know Jerry and he's a handsome devil. Y'all should be happy together...I'm actually trying to function in the midst of a jealous rage. I thought he was my taxidermist!!!