Monday, May 03, 2010

Who's Got the Skillz?

I've decided that my blog is going to take a brief hiatus from the mundane ramblings of my ordinary pre-engaged life. Instead I'm going to start my first ever multi-part series in the next week or so.

The topic: Evaluating Tyler's various spousal skillz and general preparedness for marriage.

Now that we're officially betrothed, I feel like this is my last shot to kick my evaluatory techniques into high gear with some overt analysis.

I anticipate a multi-part format evaluating basic life skillz with tests such as the following:

1. Cooking Eval. 1 - The Mysteries of The Pork Chop
2. Basic SpeedBoat Handling Exam
3. The Art of The Neck Rub
4. What Do I Do With This Meat?
5. A Thrifty Person Goes To Publix For A Non-Thrifty Person.
6. Backing a Trailer (3-part test focused on "Panache", "Grace", and "Accuracy")
7. Basic Boat Maintenance
8. Cleaning Eval. 1
9. Riflery, Through .30 Caliber
10. Where Do I Start Cutting This Dead Animal? (Graphical Analysis)
11. Recognizing Hormonal Interference (this is a two-part test)
12. Aiding In Basic Handloading

I will keep you, faithful readers, abreast of the results as they are completed.

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