Monday, April 19, 2010

Breaking The Ice At Wal-Mart

This weekend Eric Hagen, Anslee Murdock, Tyler and I kicked off our first (and only) Voyage De Credit Limitaire Sailing Trip planning party at a Wal-Mart in sky Valley, Ga. As an ice-breaker we set out to brave the wilds of Wal-Mart. The challenge was to come out with exactly one item as close to $3.99 (with tax) as possible.

An hour later we found Eric asleep outside the bathrooms and were able to determine that Anslee had never actually gotten out of the car.

Unfortunately, they had a great fishing stuff section, so I accidentally spent $62.57 on lures and a can of Silicon Spray Lubricant that had fancy packaging, while Tyler a.k.a. “Scrooge McDuck” spent $3.98; saving a whole penny for the win.

Not a great start, but it turns out the trip was entirely worth it because at some point during Tyler’s focused search down the “Hardware” aisle, she absentmindedly leaned in and patted me on the rump, then gently ruffled the back of my hair as she walked by.

And by “me” I mean: a total stranger dressed in shorts like mine.



Bathrooms by Design said...

That's awesome. I like her. It has nothing to do with the fact that I have totally done that.

UndomesticWife said...

GUFFAW...I really hope this rump patting part is true. LOLz, I heart Davs.