Friday, April 30, 2010

Summer Came Early at 6710

Tyler: Nancy’s pizza for dinner or sushi?
Me: I’ll do sushi if you're buying. I'm not buying you sushi anymore. You can eat more $5-a-bite raw fish at a sitting than Free Willy.
me: har har har just keeding
Tyler: har har....
me: is this a double date or just u n me?
Tyler: just us!
me: oh oh oh ho!
me: Are you workin hard today or hardly workin?
Tyler: It's a mix. Are you smelly just today or all of the time?
Tyler: Har har har!
Tyler: Oh just happened to think, there's a new restaurant called Cantina at Terminus where lola used to be.
me: Perfect. That’s a 35 minute walk. I’ll have to eat on the way over and on the way back to make it.
Tyler: Umm, its probably a 20 min walk, max.
me: Well, we can probably cut thru somewhere anyway.
Tyler: Ooh adventure!

When I got home that day I found this in my yard:

Its just another day in paradise.

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