Friday, April 09, 2010


I managed to scoot away from work at a reasonable hour the other night and slip over to Lanier to spend a few hours on the water before dark.

George met me at the ramp, boat in tow, and we were underway in no time at all. I got the boat up on plane for just a few seconds, then we dropped down to a fast idle and shut her off to fish an outgoing point in the mouth of the creek. The sun was setting, the water was smooth. It was perfect.

And, at that point of complete calm and serenity; things began to unravel at an alarming rate.

1. First cast on my new reel - massive (MASSIVE) backlash. Un-pick-out-able. Rod retires to rod locker, 5 minutes re-rigging.

2. Second cast - bait hung up in tree. Broken off, $5 lure lost.

3. Ski boat nearby hails us in distress. We motor over good-natured-ly and the two men in the ski boat (already suspect) say "can you please tow us over - the motor died".

Too kindhearted to say no - we hook up his cheap tow line and say "where to?" Both slackjawed ski-boaters indicate "just over there" pointing at a huge marina..barely visible...and clear across the lake.

"You mean right here?" I responded, wistfully, gesturing vaguely at the bank 300 yards to my right.

"No - over THERE" the idiot pointed excitedly. "WAYYYY over there!!! Thanks so much for the tow!"

I should have been suspicious when the driver immediately shook out an entire newspaper, put his feet up on the dash, and started reading; but when, a full HOUR later, we arrive across the lake with the stupid ski boat in tow the man said "here's $20; I told the last guy that towed us we'd pay the next guy;" I nearly fell out.

George looked over at me and said, incredulously "THE LAST GUY THAT TOWED ME??? I guess this is par for the course then, huh?"

IWA - the idiots win again.

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