Friday, April 09, 2010

The HuntFish Widows' Whine Club

It seems the The Magnificent Denizens of The Huntfish Adventure Club have come under attack, once again, by several insanely jealous members of the (somewhat) fairer sex.

Thats right; Tyler, Christie, Kelly, and Janet have created a competing organization entitled "The HuntFish Widows' Whine Club" wherein the 4 women conflabulate together; daintily sipping various cheap whines poolside while generally downgrading their absent significant others, ahem, i.e. - us.

Although I'm generally in favor of HuntFish Widows maintaining healthy friendships amongst themselves, I've noticed a general sense of injury and malaise seems to pervade the attitudes of Whine Club Attendees subsequent to attendance at a Huntfish Widows Whine Club (hereinafter "HWWC") event.

I have, therefore, decided to attend the next HWWC gathering of the deserted, injured and emotionally maimed quasi-sportswomen this Sunday (unless Fred and I have gone fishing) and report back on their no-doubt distasteful and unseemly activities.

If I find anything particularly disturbing or otherwise damaging to my delicate sensibilities taking place therein; I will report back immediately.

Humbly Yours,

James G. Ewing, Jr.
HFAC Co-Chair

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