Thursday, April 15, 2010


Tyler: HEYYY JIMMAAYYYY - wanna take me to a mooooveee? Huh? Do ya?! Huh?
Me: Ok. Whats out?
Tyler: "How to Train Your Dragon" in 3D!!!
Me: What ELSE is out?
Tyler: Nothing. Thats it. Slow month for Hollywood.
Me: Seriously, what else is out?
Tyler: Seriously - nothing.
Me: How about we go see "How to Train Your Dragon?"
Tyler: That is a great idea! See you at 7!
Me: Ok.

Box Office Lady: Two tickets? That will be $39.
Me: HOLY CRAP. What is the promise of a first-born child worth these days?
Box Office Lady: A Little White Boy? Not much.
Tyler: Pony up, biggins - we're missing the previews.
Me: How's 2 twenties sound?
Box Office Lady: now we're talking.
Tyler: heeeheeeeeee!!!(playing on the escalator)...


We enter the theater and sit down then I turn around to comment briefly on the average age of attendees...and this is the sight that greets me:

Grouchina Marx.

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